BPMN Sketch Miner

Docs - Introduction


Why use text to describe processes?

Process models are represented with a visual language for many good reasons. BPMN Sketch Miner is a sketching tool which produces visual process diagrams as output. The only difference is that it uses text as input.

You write text, you get a visual diagram as a result. The diagram is updated as you type.

Advantages of text

The main advantage lies with the raw speed with which you can produce the initial sketch of a visual process model as you type in its description. Once you learn the basics of the textual syntax, you can obtain BPMN diagrams much more quickly than with a typical drag and drop tool.

Additional advantages include:

Particularly, for beginners of process modeling with BPMN:

Challenges of text

Basic BPMN Sketch Miner Syntax

As you will see, the BPMN Sketch Miner syntax is really simple!

Here is the first rule. There are only five.

One Line One Element

How to transform your text into a diagram? While writing, you should follow this rule to help the BPMN Sketch Miner parse it.

Every element of the diagram corresponds to a line of your text.

Let's see now how this rule is used for representing tasks.