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Language Reference

BPMN Sketch Miner Syntax Rules

  1. One Line One Element: Every element of the diagram corresponds to a line of your text.
  2. First Word is the Element Type: To refine elements, specify their type at the beginning of their line.
  3. Each Element Once: The same element (task or event) only appears once in the visual model, even if it may be repeated in multiple sequences of your text.
  4. Events are in ( ).
  5. Data objects are in [ ].

BPMN Element Mapping

Which special characters correspond to which BPMN elements?

Character BPMN Element
: Pool
? Exclusive Gateway Labels
| Parallel Gateways
() Events
[] Data
// Text Annotations
/// Comments
... Fragments

Text Annotations

You can draw text annotation by prefixing them with two slashes //.

EditCheck Insurance Policy
//Criteria: Damage Type
//Amount, Priority
Perform Claim Assessment

The annotation will be associated with the task following it.


If you use instead three slashes (///) you will be commenting out the line of your text. Commented out lines are ignored by BPMN Sketch Miner and do not affect the diagram.

Edit///Check Insurance Policy
//Criteria: Damage Type
//Amount, Priority
Perform Claim Assessment

Here the Check Insurance Policy task is not shown because it has been commented out.

BPMN 2.0 Support

The current version of BPMN Sketch Miner supports the following BPMN language constructs:

The BPMN Sketch Miner does not yet support: