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Frequently Asked Questions

When I share a link to my model, is my model saved on some server?

No, the model is encoded as a URL fragment (after the hash character), which means it never leaves your browser. When you share the link, the link itself contains the model, that's why the link sometimes gets very long. When someone else opens the link, they do not have to download the model from any server, because it is already there, stored in the link you sent them.

Where are the models rendered?

BPMN Sketch Miner runs entirely on your Web browser. There is no backend running somewhere in the Cloud.

Can I download BPMN Sketch Miner to run it on my computer?

BPMN Sketch Miner runs entirely on your Web browser. Every time you open it, your browser is downloading the latest version so that it can run on your computer without having to install any software. Let us know why you would prefer not to run BPMN Sketch Miner in a Web browser.

Is there an API?

Since BPMN Sketch Miner runs on your Web browser and there is no Web server backend, there is also no API available at the moment. If you would like to integrate BPMN Sketch Miner with your tool, we suggest the approach of Context Mapper: embed in a link the source text that you would like to transform in a BPMN diagram. Let us know if you need help with that.

Is there going to be an API?

Yes, if there is enough interest.

How can I import an existing BPMN diagram?

It's not possible: BPMN Sketch Miner is meant to export your sketches in standard BPMN format so that you can keep refining them using other process modeling tools.

What if I am unable to find the source text used to generate a BPMN diagram?

You can find the source text used to generate the diagram embedded at the end of the exported SVG image and BPMN file.

What kind of mining does it perform?

The BPMN Sketch Miner does not perform any form of Cryptocurrency mining. The only thing it mines is your BPMN process model starting from the event log which is extracted from the textual description.

How may I provide feedback?

Go to the feedback page, in case you would like to contact us, vote for new features you would like us to build next, or simply take a user satisfaction survey.

Thank you very much for your feedback.